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Good morning and welcome to our program! Thanks for joining us for the Living Word of God. We are excited to have you on this Lord's day for this time of offering to our creator. I hope all of us will be encouraged in this service to God, but ultimately, I hope we all glorify Him and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - To God be the glory! Now let's approach the Father's throne in Prayer.

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Now it's time to join in our first hymn of the morning. Please participate with the brethren as we together sing, "Each Step I Take!"
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I am more and more amazed every day at the content of most of the shows on television today! If they aren't talking about sex they are usually displaying bad manners through burping in public or making other rude or offensive bodily noises. What has our society come to, what are people thinking in our day and time. Or, maybe the problem is they are not thinking at all!

Even the cartoons that my children often want to watch are full of the same type of content, characters lacking proper manners in social settings, even to the extreme of teaching or having no matters at all under any circumstances. So, what does this have to do with us as followers of God?

Think for a moment about these ideas: proper manners, being courteous, showing respect and honor to others, and being polite and kind. Now, on the other hand, think about these concepts: being rude, lacking graciousness, lacking respect and honor, being obnoxious and unkind. So now let me ask you which one of these categories would bring glory to God or promote a good Christian example for those around us. Well, you know the answer!

As followers of God in this world we are required to be proper gentlemen and respectable ladies, so that we may let others see our good works and that they may glorify our Father in Heaven, Matthew 5:16! God says we are the Light of the world. But, why are we the light and what is the light? We are the Light because God is light and if we are to be a light to this world, we must strive to be like Him, Matthew 5:14.

One author put it in these words, "we are polite and courteous to those of this world, not because they are ladies and gentlemen, but because we are!" What a true statement this is. The golden rule says that we must first act right and do good to others if we want them to act right and do good to us, Matthew 7:12. It is our duty as the faithful of Christ to be those who set proper examples in this world, so that we may always, "proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light," 1 Peter 2:9. Are you willing to show forth proper manners in public? As a faithful soldier for the cause of Christ we must be in order to be pleasing to Him.

This morning we will continue our study on Faith, as we consider the specific topic "a Living Faith requires a Daily Commitment." After our next song together, I will be leading our lesson thoughts of the morning from God's Word. Now it's time to join in our second hymn of the day, It's name, "Christ We Do All Adore Thee."


Speaker: Ray Sullins

Thank you for continuing with us this morning on our program as we continue the topic of faith. We had a good discussion last weekend as we looked there in the book of Hebrews and were able to see what a holy attitude or the importance of an attitude as we looked there at the story of Abel. And this morning we want to look at more specifically the next concept that is brought forth there in Hebrews as we together consider the man Enoch, as is found there in Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 5, and we'll read together that verse in just a moment.

But I wanted to go back first of all to the book of Genesis where he is first mentioned in the Bible by Moses as the author there in that book. If you'll look with me then in Genesis chapter 5, we want to read together beginning in verse 21 and read through verse 24. It says there, Enoch lived 65 years and begot Methuselah. After he begot Methuselah, Enoch walked with God 300 years and had sons and daughters. So all the days of Enoch were 365 years. And Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him.

Now in these verses here, we find out and we're really introduced, that is, to this man, Enoch, as well as really his son which is mentioned here as being Methuselah, which he begot. And Methuselah is an interesting Bible character in himself because you and I know that Methuselah was the oldest man who ever lived in the Bible, who lived to a ripe old age of 969 years, at least as far as we have recorded. So Methuselah has always been an interesting character as well as his father for the reasons that we will mention in just a moment as we look at this text together.

But first of all, we see several very important factors that are mentioned here in relationship to this man, Enoch. Not only was he born, not only was he a man here as it says who is the son of Jared, but he also was a man who walked with God twice here in Genesis. With this character, if you will notice this same concept is mentioned. First of all, there in verse 22 where it says that he walked with God and then again in verse 24 where it says again that Enoch walked with God. Now this makes him stand out in some way because along with the other characteristics, some of them were mentioned, at least of the other people here in Genesis chapter 5, as being those who were with God or weren't with God and some weren't mentioned as being with God or not really. But here Enoch was specifically, twice, very clearly singles out as being one who was straight forth with the Lord. He wasn't just another individual. He wasn't just someone that God loved a little bit, so to speak, but he was someone that God really loved. Why? Because he was willing to walk with God.

Another very interesting thing here about Methuselah is in the concept as it says there in verse 24, that he was one who walked with God and he was not. Now what's it talking about here? Well, if you'll notice what is missing in the life of Methuselah, or rather the account of Enoch here, the father of Methuselah, is the idea that he did not die. Now if you'll notice with me here in chapter 5 in these other verses such as verse 5 where it says, this man died. Again, in verse 8, someone died. In verse 11, he died. In verse 14, he died. And on down in verse 20, his father died. Then we see Enoch here being mentioned as begetting again Methuselah. But then in verse 24 it says, he was not. Why? Because God took him. You see what Enoch also stands out in besides being a great man of God is that he never died. Why? Because God literally took him alive home to be with him. So this is another very special thing about this man, Enoch. And again, making him really stand out because this man was such a good man before God, such a worthy man according to what he was doing that God did not allow him to die, but rather he just simply took him up as a good follower, an obedient follower to the things that God had ask him to do.

Now if you'll turn over into the New Testament, we want to look in the book of Hebrews as was mentioned earlier, the great faith chapter. And as we've already referred to last week, looking there in verse 4, Abel. Here in chapter 11 and verse 5 however, this man, Enoch, is mentioned. It says, Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death and was not found because God had taken him. For before he was taken, he had this testimony that he pleased God. You see, here the Hebrew writer is very clear in telling us that this concept that he did not in Genesis, means that he did not die. He did not taste of death as all mankind will. He did not taste of death as you and I will also taste of death if we live long enough and the Lord doesn't come again to judge before that. We will all physically die and we will all, as far as our fleshly bodies, these tabernacles built of the flesh will return to the dust of the ground. But here Enoch was different. Enoch was taken directly by God as the Hebrew writer states as also Moses clearly defined for us in telling us that he was one who did not die. And notice the testimony here about Enoch that is mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 5. It says, the testimony that he had was that he pleased God. Now think just for a moment why he pleased God again. Well, Moses told us he walked with God twice. Again, he told us that he walked with God.

So, how do we please God today? Well, we can please Him the same way that Enoch did. We can be well-blessed the same way that Enoch was by God if we will choose to walk with God. Walking with Him, and that's kind of what we want to focus on in our lesson together in just a moment.

I did want to make reference of just a few more places where we have some information about Enoch. Actually, if you look throughout the Bible, there is not a lot of information about this man other than information that is related through genealogies like in Genesis there, or also another genealogy which is mentioned is found there in the book of Luke, if you'll turn there with me. We'll look at Luke chapter 3 and verse 27 together to see how that he was again referred to here in the genealogies which led up to Jesus Christ. Read with me chapter 3 of Luke, again, verse 27, or rather 37. It says there, The son of Methuselah, the son of Enoch, the son of Jared. And again, if you look at the long list here beginning in verse 23 as was mentioned a moment ago, says, Jesus Himself began His ministry at about 30 years of age being the son of Joseph. And then on and on and on, it goes throughout the genealogies all the way back to Adam, the first man created. So here Enoch, Methuselah, these men were in that lineage that Jesus came from, that specific lineage that God had laid out that someday the Messiah would come from, the son of God Himself, and here again, Enoch is being mentioned. Not a lot told about Enoch here.

But again, another place that we can go to, a book that sometimes we don't hear a lot from because it's such a small book in the New Testament, that is the book of Jude. If you'll turn with me there. It's the book just before the book of Revelation. And in Jude we see that it is a bit dealt with here as far as Enoch and maybe a prophecy that was concerning him, and I'll read this with you also, verses 14 through 16 as we again learn more about this man. It says there in verse 14, Now Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied about these men also saying, Behold the Lord comes with ten thousand of His saints to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. These are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts and they mouth great swelling words, flattering words to the people to gain advantage.

Here in these ideas or words again as we continue on, we see that this is a quote again of Enoch, obviously maybe some writings here or concepts that Jude found are knew about, that this again, worthy man of God, wrote about in order that he could warn people about those who would come, those who would do things and prophecy and follow things contrary to the will of God. The warning here is very clear. A warning that says that these are sinners. These are people who will be rejected. How would Enoch know this? Enoch would know it because Enoch was one who pleased God, if you'll remember in Hebrews 11 and verse 5, and he pleased God because of his faith. His faith was seen through a daily walk with God. Now I can't stress that enough this morning, trying to help each of us understand that Enoch really enjoyed a good, positive life, a blessed life in God because of the ability that he had to continue walk in God. Now this didn't mean, and it doesn't mean for us today, that if we walk in God that He will never cause us to fall or that He will never maybe allow us to be tempted or that we will never ourselves die. But it does mean that spiritually like Enoch, we will be taken away by God. We don't have to worry about dying completely because our physical bodies will return to be with God for an eternity if we again learn to walk with Him which as we've already stated is according to the faith that God desires for each of us to have.

Now I also want you to turn with me to the book of 2 Timothy where Paul was talking to this young evangelist and trying to help him understand some of these same concepts about how that we must walk with our God and do those things that He has asked us to. If you'll look in chapter 4 with me of 2 Timothy, we'll read verses 7 and 8, as it says there (Paul's words), I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Finally, there's laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give to me on that day, and not to me only but all those who have loved His appearing.

Here we see that Paul tells us clearly what it takes. It takes the fight of a good fight, the walk in God, you see a continual walk as he mentions here in these verses, doing what it takes to be in the race, and then as we also see in the verse that we read together is that we must understand that he kept the faith. You see, faith. What does faith do? Well, James tells us that a faith is something that is seen again. He says there that if we have seen faith without works then we'll understand that that is dead, because faith without works is dead. In fact, he went on to say up earlier in that chapter rather than chapter 2 and verse 26 of that book, around verse 19, that the devils even believed. So a faith is more than just a belief. He also mentioned in this, these words, that if you'll show me your faith without works, I will show you my faith by my works. Again, proof in the pudding. Doing that which there is something that can be proven through our works, through our deeds, so that we can show that we are really of God.

Now again, as we think of these things, think of Paul. Paul said that I am in the race. I've done the work. I've been busy about it. I've kept the faith, proved the faith through the things that I've done.

Why was Enoch pleasing to God again? Because he walked with God. How can we be pleasing to God? By walking with Him. Again, by keeping the faith, by doing that which He has asked us to do. Isn't that what again the Hebrew writer was talking about if we'll go there to the end of the chapter there, as far as chapter 5, and look there where the concept was given that this time you ought to be teachers now. Many of you need the milk of the word, in other words, those very elementary and fundamental things of the word which you should already know and be well aware of. In other words, they weren't busy about maturing, about walking in God, about becoming what God wanted them to in the faith. But then he goes on in chapter 6, in Hebrews chapter 6 about verses 1 and 3, and says again, Commit those things to yourselves and don't be babes but grow in the meat. Grow in the word. Take the milk, but then yes, move on from it. Walk with God. You see, one of the great parts of walking with God is doing what He asks, studying His word, and knowing what He wants. That's how we know what He expects of our faith. That's how we know what He expects of the daily lives that we do and that we say things and that we have our actions in.

In Amos chapter 3 and verse 3, by the way, Amos there had a very interesting statement as he said that, Two that agree must walk together. Those that are together, that have the same faith, that are accordingly, must walk together. Now, what does that tell us about God? If we are one with God, if He is pleased with us, must we walk with Him also? Yes. And that's why there in 1 John we see that God tells us that He is the light and that we must also be the light in order to have that fellowship with Him. You see, walking with God demonstrates the faith that we should have. It proves to the people who see our lives that yes, we have faith. It proves to all in this world that yes, we are striving to be what God would have us to be. It shows yes, to everyone that we are serious about the lives that we want to live for God. It does what is found there in 2 Timothy chapter 3 and verse 15. It proves to us the scriptures and gives us the word that will lead us into all things, all good works as it says there. All profitable things come from the word of God. And the word of God again promotes that faith as we read there in Hebrews chapter 10 and verse 17. It's by faith again, that we have the ability to do those things that God has asked us to.

This morning, if you are listening to the program, I hope you'll understand the importance of the faith we must have, the faith like Enoch again, the faith that was demonstrated by the walk that he had with God, the faith that was daily as Jesus said, Take up your cross and daily and follow Me.
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