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In Exodus 4:14, we read, "so the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses...." Do we know what the Bible says about anger?

As always it is an honor and privilege to have you with us for the Living Word program. We are thankful you have chosen to join us as we commit this time to the things of God.

It is our hope and prayer this morning that we may each participate and do our part to make this time acceptable before Him and according to His Word. Now let's begin by talking to God through prayer!


Our First Song this morning is a song of praise about Jesus. So, won't you join in with the congregation and do your part as we sing together, "Fairest Lord Jesus."

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When was the last time you started feeling your face warm up, and turn red from the heat? Maybe your hands began to sweat or shake from emotion! We've all been there and done that. What are we talking about? Getting mad!

Some of us even this morning have already been angry about something. Did your alarm clock go off too early? Maybe you spilled something while making breakfast? Did that coffee get on your clean shirt you just put on? "When will that paper man ever learn, he'll never get it where I want it!"

It doesn't take much does it? We seem to get upset over the most insignificant things. When will we ever learn? This is not what God wants. We see two kinds of anger spoken about in the Bible! One is a Godly anger. It is not wrong to get upset about something as long as we control our anger! How can we prove this, let's look into God's word.

Even God gets angry, so we can not say that all anger is wrong or sinful. God does not sin. Also, in Matthew 21 we see that Jesus himself went into the temple and threw out those who were using it for buying and selling goods. In verse 12 we read, "then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves." Does this sound like someone who was upset and mad? Did He have a reason to be? Certainly He did! So you see a controlled Godly anger is acceptable, as long as we remember we are Christians and that we must be like Christ. Some sinful situation may even merit an active anger, just as with Christ. However we must remember that all things must be done in a controlled fashion and for God's glory, not our own.

The other anger which the Bible speaks of is an uncontrolled anger! Paul puts this type of ungodly anger among other sinful things that Christians must put away in Ephesians 4:31.

You see, giving into anger and allowing it to get out of control, allows us to give place to the devil, as we read in Ephesians 4:27. In verse 26, Paul also said, "be angry, and do not sin": do not let the sun go down on your wrath...." I think we are beginning to see the difference between being upset and allowing that anger to turn into wrath. One is a controlled response, the other is not.

Finally, let's keep in mind that an uncontrolled anger leads us into many other sins which are unacceptable to God. When we get mad we may start doing many things that are contrary to God's will. We start to think things and say things we shouldn't. We also might start doing things that we shouldn't, which hurt those around us whom we are supposed to love.

Are you keeping your anger in check when you get upset at someone or a situation? Are you allowing others to see Christ in you?

This morning, we will be continuing our series entitled, "Be An Example To The Believers." As far as our specific lesson today we will consider being an example in, "Spirit." So, please continue with us this morning and in a few minutes our guest speaker will return with this study from God's Word. We are happy to have brother Jerry Sullins with us once again. He is the director of the Bible Institute of Missouri. After our next song together, he will be leading our main thoughts from God's Word. Now let's join in that second song together. The name of the hymn is, "Face To Face."

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Speaker: Jerry Sullins

It's a pleasure being with you this morning. We thank you so much for tuning in to this Bible program and we hope that what is said today may be a strength for you and give you some knowledge of what God's Will is for you in this life.

Before we enter in to the scheduled subject of this time period, I would like to say just a few words concerning what a person needs to do to be saved. One of the very reasons, in fact the foremost reason that we come on the television and spend the time and the effort and whatever it takes to produce this program (in fact, it has been being produced for the past thirty years) is to try to lead people to an understanding of that all important question, "What must I do to be saved?" My friend, this morning we again want to say just shortly before we get into the lesson of the hour what the Bible says you must do to be saved. We're not saying what man says you must do, but what the Lord Jesus Himself who is our Savior has said we must do.

I call your attention to a simple scripture, simple to read and simple to understand that is found in Mark chapter 16 verses 15-16. This is where Jesus gave His Great Commission to His disciples and He said this, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel..." The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ has come and died for all of our sins. "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (that is every person). He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believes not shall be condemned." So belief in Jesus is necessary for one to be saved, but it's not the only thing. It's not the only condition of our salvation and everyone in the religious world would say that that is so true for there are other things that one must do, not of (inaudible) works, but conditions that we must fulfill in order that we are saved.

Was it not that Jesus said in Luke 13:3, and indeed He did. He said that unless we repent we will perish. So repentance, that is turning away from a sinful life and deciding that we're going to change our mind about sin. In other words, we're going to reverse that attitude in our life. No longer will we long to sin or no longer will we hopefully desire to sin, but we're going to control our minds and repent of our sins, to turn away from a sinful life. I

It was Jesus also who said in Matthew 10:32, "If you confess Me before men then I will confess you before My Father who is in Heaven."

The apostle Paul said in Romans 10:9-10 that, "With the heart man believes the righteousness, but with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

And so my friends, we've seen here and you all would agree that one must believe that Jesus is the Christ. Repent of his or her sins. Confess that Jesus is the Christ in order to be saved. But is there something else that Jesus has required? Well, have you remembered what Jesus said in Mark 16:15-16? "Ye that believeth and is baptized shall be saved."

Now why would the Lord require baptism? Well, someday hopefully we'll be able to ask Him that question, but the fact is He has required it. Baptism simply means immersion for the forgiveness of our sins. The purification right of baptism is something that started way back in the Old Testament. That's what the priests did before they entered into the Holy Place. They would purify themselves by the washing of water in what was called the "lavar." So we also today must wash our sins from our own bodies and this is figuratively done in baptism, but is necessary for one to be a Christian. Peter said, "The like figure where unto even baptism doth also now save us" (1 Peter 3:21).

So what is the reason for baptism? If you casually read Romans 6:3-4, that' Roman's chapter 6, verses 3-4, you will see that baptism actually a burial in water in the likeness of His death, burial and resurrection. So as we are planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be raised also in the likeness of His resurrection.

Now what I've told you this morning are not my words. They are the Words of Jesus and the words of the inspired apostles. They are things that we must do. That is conditions that we must meet in order for us to be saved. And so I advise you and I warn you and I encourage you in every way to do what Jesus has asked you to do to be saved. We'll be glad at anytime at the Kansas Expressway church of Christ to help you to make that commitment to bury yourself in baptism so that you can walk in that we life.

We've had an interesting study going on for the past few weeks. Actually it is found in 1 Timothy chapter 4 where the apostle Paul was actually speaking to a young preacher, Timothy. Now Timothy was considered to be young when he became a preacher, but at this time some people say he could have been as old as 35 or 40 years old. Of course, to some of us, that's not very old anymore. But he said these words to this young man. "Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word and conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith and in purity." Now for the past few weeks, we've discussed many of these expressions and terms. But I call your attention to one this morning and that is where the apostle Paul told him to be an example, that is a pattern to other Christians or to those that you're trying to convert and he said, "in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit." Now some of the original texts omit the word "in spirit," but yet it is actually considered to be what we would say the overall focus of this passage because it deals with spiritual-mindedness. Now in order for someone to accomplish these other things then he must be or she would have to be spiritually-minded. So evidently, in some context or that is in the context and in some of the early manuscripts, the word "in spirit" was put there to give the general direction of the whole verse. And certainly it was important that the young preacher, Timothy, however old he may have been at this time, to understand the need that his spirit be proper before Go. Now this is not the Holy Spirit. This is not an italicized word, at least there is not a capital letter at the beginning of this word which indicates the Holy Spirit, but he's talking about the spirit that was within a person. So the apostle Paul is saying that you need to have the proper spirit before other people. Now we could preach all week on that one because actually as we go throughout the New Testament and you can begin in the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus and go through the Pauline epistles and see what James had to say or Peter or Jude or any of the rest of them and you will see the underlying factor of everything that is said to a Christian is said in reference to being spiritual-minded.

Now I want us to turn to what I consider to be one of the more direct passages of scriptures concerning the spirit that is within man and how we need to be conscious of our spirit and make sure that it is right before God and being spiritually-minded. I know that some of you are already thinking about this verse. It's found in Philippians chapter 2 verse 5 where it says, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." Now throughout the book of Philippians, the apostle Paul is basically talking about what kind of a mind that we need to have to demonstrate Christ to other people.

I call your attention first of all to Philippians chapter 4 verse 5. I don't mean necessarily to get away from 1 Timothy 4, but it is important that we look at what it is basically what Paul was talking about here when he said "in spirit." So we see here in Philippians 4 verse 5, he said, "Let your gentleness..." Now one version says, "moderation" and some people misinterpret the text her because... "Let your gentleness (that is your forbearance, your moderation) be known to all men. The Lord is at hand." And how important it is for us to be gentle, to be merciful. Was it not Jesus and yes, He did say, in Matthew 5 and verse 7, "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy." So Jesus urged His disciples to be merciful to others.

The direction of Matthew 7:1-5 where Jesus said, "Judge not that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged," was not saying to His disciples that we have no right to judge. He was just saying that we do not need to be condemning people. That is not our business. The Lord will take vengeance on those who do not do His Will and who misuse and abuse others as His children. But we need to be gentle toward those people. We'll never win anyone to Christ unless they see our gentleness.

Another thing I believe that we can see readily here in Philippians 4:6-7 where the apostle Paul said, "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God." So we need to understand that the mind that Christ had was one where He was not anxious. He put His faith and dependence upon the Father. That was the mind that He had and certainly Timothy and others, even us today, we need to be at peace in our minds as we go out into this world and try to lead others to Christ for if they see anxiety within us, then certainly Christ is not dwelling in us.

Another statement that is made in Philippians chapter 4 verse 8 is very clear. "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there is any virtue, if anything is praiseworthy, meditate on these things. Let this mind be anew." What a great challenge that is for us as we try to control the fears and frustrations of this life. My friends, I'm telling you that the way we could control the fears and the frustrations of this life can be found when we commit ourselves to Jesus and do His Will. Then we can see how we can overcome all of these frustrations of life. See the mind of the Christian is to be controlled by Christ and as we seek to be controlled by Christ we have to think on the proper things. So therefore, the word "think" here means to speak on those things of the act of careful reflection.

Now there's so many things that we could be mentioning from the book of Philippians today and throughout all of the New Testament, but the important thing is that we as Christians try in every way and strive to be spiritually-minded. Let this mind be anew which was also in Christ Jesus our Lord. I challenge you this morning to go to the book of Philippians and to read that entire book and it will give you comfort and strength in this day and time and give you direction in your life as a child of God and then you'll be able to go out and to face this world this week with a new determination that you're going to live Jesus Christ in your life in every way so that people will look at you and see Christ in you and want to be as He is.

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