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What a privilege we have this morning to join together in the study of God’s Living Word. We welcome you to our program and we thank God that you have chosen to be with us today. We are excited about this opportunity we have together this morning to glorify our creator. May we each do our part to make this time acceptable in His sight and according to His Will. Now, let’s approach our Father’s throne in prayer.


This morning we want to start our songs of praise with a hymn that reminds us of the true friend we have in God. So, won’t you join in with the congregation at this time as we together sing, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus!”

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From our early years, most of us have been involved in some type of social clubs or organizations. For most of us it all started out as a new student in kindergarten. We began to form small groups of friends. Later, as we get into junior and senior high school, these friendships are carried over into different organizations in school, such as: sports, band, or many other types of groups which are formed to promote learning in specified areas. College days are even worse, as we are encouraged to join more groups and fraternities, in order to keep up with our friends and with our present day interests.

Let me then clarify, that there is nothing wrong with any of these things as long as they do not promote that which is contrary to God. However, many of us are often confused into thinking that this is really what religion is also - just another organization or social club. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Then what is the church? The word church comes for a Greek word known as “ekklesia.” Greek was the original language the Bible was written in. This word or its forms are used about 115 times in the N. T. The word actually refers to those who are “called out,” “assembled,” or “summoned forth,” by the Lord. The Bible continually mentions this term with a focus on those who are faithful “people” of God.

But what happens today when you ask someone where they go to church? They usually say, “Oh, I go over there on North Kansas Expressway” or “I go to that church over on Glenstone.” The fact is most people fail to realize what the church is, as is evident in these types of responses.

Again, we must realize that the church is not a building. Furthermore, it is not a club, or a fraternal organization - it is God’s people! So what does this terminology, “called out,” really mean? The Bible says, as God’s followers have been called out of darkness or the things of this world - in order to be in Jesus. In 1 Peter 2:9, we read a verse that proves this very point! There it says, “but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” Not only are we called out of darkness into His marvelous light, but here it says we are a chosen generation (chosen of God), we are a royal priesthood, we are a holy nation (holy as He is holy), and we are His own special people!

Now do you see how special the church is? It is an institution from God which is for those who have chosen to follow His will. Further more, by following His will and being obedient to Him, we are among his chosen, holy, and special priesthood. Or in other words - we are His church!

The final verse we will consider to confirm the importance of Christ’s Church is found in Acts 20:28. The later part of that verse tells us, “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.” Here we read that the church of our God was purchased with the blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ. Now let me ask you, if Jesus was willing to die for it and shed His blood for it, just how important is the Church?

Today we will again study God’s Word by focusing on things related to “The Christian Home!” This morning our specific topic of study will focus on “The Woman’s Place As Wife!” So stay with us after our next song and in a few minutes I will return with this lesson from God’s Word. It’s now time to join in our second hymn of the morning, the name of the song, “We Praise Thee Oh God.”

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By Ray Sullins

We thank you very much for continuing with us today as we now go to God’s word and consider another lesson in relationship to our series that is dealing with the Christian home. I always like dealing with the Christian home because we always have such positive response from you as viewers and those who are listening to the program and tuning in. Certainly it is because of the great important nature of being those in the Christian home that are approved of by God. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman or whether you are a child, whoever you are in the home, the home of God, the Bible clearly tells us what is expected of you as well as me.

So far we have looked together at the concept of marriage and clearly what the Bible defines as true marriage in the eyes of God. The home as God designed from a marital standpoint. We also have looked together at the role of a man in relationship to him being a proper husband as well as being a proper father. Today we begin to talk about the ladies and so we will discuss together the woman’s role in the home specifically beginning with the idea of the woman as wife in the home. In the same way that man was given a specific place in the home according to God’s pattern of creation we find the very same truth about the woman. She was given a distinct place in the home, not that one was more important than the other, but that they each fulfilled a unique, special, and wondrous need in the great plan that God has set up for the home as a whole.

So as we think about the Christian home in relationship to the wife I would like to begin there once again in Ephesians 5. For several weeks ago we look at the idea of the role of the husband but on the other side of the coin not only is the husband as it says there, in verse 23 to be the head, but he is to be the head of the wife. As we think about that it certainly is significant because within the text even back up in verse 21 we see that the mutual submission of Christians is necessary. In other words you are to respect me as a child of God and I am to respect you. You are to think of my interests and my needs above your own and I am to think of your interests and your needs above my own. I am to love you and you are to love me, we are to submit one to another as those who love God. What that does is it causes me to realize that everything is not about me, the world is not about me and there are certainly there things greater than me such as God and my brethren. With that in mind then we then see in verse 23 that he begins to talk about the home specifically and he says, “The husband is head of the wife…” Then it gives a reason really as to why that is true not only here but also we find in the Corinthian letter as well as in the letter to Timothy. That because man was made first and then Eve was made as a “help me” for man and from the rib of man it show us then that the woman is to be what, subject or under the man. Another place we can go to understand this is there in relationship to the sin of man in the garden. You might recall in Genesis 3 that among those curses that the serpent received, and the woman received, and the man received that the woman was to be one who would be in subjection or to be placed under her husband all the days of her life. So this is not something that just started happening, or something that changes with society, or something that really is based on political correctness this is God’s plan from the beginning of creation. And it has been the same in the Patriarchal period, the Mosaic period, and the Christian period. So as we think about that today we again see that reiterated in the Christian letter to the Ephesians. Husbands are head of the wife, and then he uses an example, “as also Christ is head of the church…” Let me ask you a question, how submissive is Christ really expecting of the Church and how submissive is the Church supposed to be to Christ because that is the standard. As you and I submit to Christ as the Church so the wife submits to the husband in the home. So we see a complete submission but then we do not forget what we learned several weeks ago about husbands. Husbands first love their wives and set the standard did not Christ first love us, did He not set the standard by giving His life to purchase the Church to make you and I really those who have an opportunity to become children of God, and to become a part of the Church? The answer is yes. So as Christ first loved us and gave His life for, us and created us, and blesses us, and on and on and on, protects us then so is the husband’s role to show love first to the wife. Then what individual would not be willing to submit to one who shows such a great love, care, respect, as well as protection, guidance, and so on.

Not only is it mentioned there in the first verse but we see in several other places within the same text of Ephesians 5 where the wife is challenged to be one who submits to her husband. I find it significant though in verse 24 that right after it says, “…as the church is subject to Chirst, so let the wives be to their own husbands,” but it doesn’t stop there he says, “…in everything.” Let me ask you another question, in what things are we as the Church suppose to be subject to Christ in? In everything, in all things. Guess what? He uses the same example in the illustration to say so the wife must be subject in what, in everything. Now why? Not again because he is a dictator, and he is hateful, and he is mean, and he is rude because he has first loved her as Christ loves the Church. He has first shown her how precious she is, how glorious, how wondrous without blemish that Christ loved His Church, that He loves the wife. Therefore she is willfully an individual who thus submits in everything as they respect on another and as they together make the home before God exactly as it should be. Then there is another word used in the same text down in verse 33 and after again the husband is encouraged to love his wife 3 times, after Christ is said to be one who loves the Church, after the Church is said to be one that has to be required and commanded and be subject to their Lord and savior Jesus. It also says, “…and let the wife see,” verse 33, “…that she respects her husband.” The same way he respects her she is to respect him. The same way he first loves her, she is to love him. The same way that he is to protect, care for, and to guide her, always there, giving her those things she needs, and making sure she has those needs of life is the same reason then that she out of love and respect is willing to submit to the husband. For he like Christ has first established the president of being what he should be in the home and therefore she is willing to submit and fulfill the role that God has intended for her as well.

You know there are a lot of other places we could go in the Bible to really look at the functioning wife, the proper wife. One of the best places that I know of is found over in the book of Proverbs 31. We often turn here and we read about a woman who was referred to here in verse 10 as a virtuous woman. But she is not only called a virtuous or a morally excellent woman but she actually is called a virtuous wife. And you wonder why? Well, to me it is obvious. A woman is first a wife before she is a mother, and a husband is first a husband before he is a father. At least that is God’s plan. I know our society has it messed up and sometimes people want to move in and sometimes people want to have children out of wedlock. That is not God’s plan at all. God’s plan was always that a man would leave his father and mother and be joined to the wife. A man being the husband, the woman being a wife and the two becoming one flesh; in that union that the bed is undefiled. It is in that union that they begin to have what, a family or children. But you know what? I have heard people say before that really a house is not a home without children. Well, God says that a man and a woman are a home before children. And a husband has to begin to function as a husband and the wife has to begin to function as a wife as they make the home before God as it should be so that when the child is introduce of comes into the home it has been prepared with loving Christians who are already fulfilling their functions as husbands and wives. So therefore to become a Godly father as we looked at last week or to become a Godly mother it is not a far stretch because they are already Christians.

So as we read about the virtuous wife notice some wondrous things that are said here by this inspired writer. First of all her value there is far above rubies, verse 10. Is there anything more precious than a wife, a good wife, a morally excellent wife, a trusted wife, the one who as it goes on in verse 7 to say who her husband trusts in? Isn’t it wonderful to be a wife who is trusted the same way the husband should be trusted as the wife. She is also one verse 12 who does good and not evil all the days of her life. How wonderful to know that a morally excellent woman is one who’s house, and thoughts, and mind, and actions are on good things not evil things. Also a woman who verse 13 is willing to work to provide even those needs of her family including it says there in verse 14 her food, her food. That she collects from afar to make sure that her family has what it needs, verse 15. Does this remove the need that a husband has to provide for family? Certainly not but it shows that the wife is willing to do whatever she needs even as it says to rise early to make sure within this text that she is able to provide for her family. To make sure they have the clothing that they have on their back. To make sure that they have the food for lunch or for dinner that they would need to sustain life. To make sure that they have the encouragement, motherly love, and the care, and all those wonderful things that a mother can give. But not only a mother but a wife for she does the same for her husband in making sure that he is dressed properly. Not hardly a Sunday goes by that I don’t ask my wife does this tie match. A wife who cares, a wife who loves, a wife who provides, a wife who makes sure that those essential needs of the family also are met. Whether the husband is doing his part or not the wife again functioning as God designed. But not only her family but the text here again Proverbs 31 goes on to say that she is one who cares for the needy. She not only cares for her family but she takes of what she has and what she has in herself brought forth and she helps the poor it says, the distaff, those who are suffering and struggling. Is there anyone who can do that better than a mother? A mother’s love. Then it also mentions here that even those who are in the gates with her husband, those other elders in the gates, they look to her and she is worthy of praise and glory for she is a wondrous possession before God. She I a wonderful follower and in this day a wonderful Christian who loves God and therefore verses 25-26 there is strength and honor in her. Therefore in verse 26 specifically it says, “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.” My, is there anything else that really could be added? Besides the fact that this woman, this woman, is not only the wife she should be, but she is the mother she should be, and she is the person in society that she should be, and she is the one who by love proves her worth and value beyond anything of this earth because she is getting it right in respect to the role God designs for her.

Now with that in mind I think of others throughout the Bible who fulfilled this role really well. I think of such as Abraham’s wife Sarah, was she perfect? No. But she was a mother, a mother who loved her son and who no doubt at ninety years old was so excited about having that son, and about being blessed by God in having that child. I also think of Noah’s wife. We don’t talk much about Noah’s wife back in Genesis chapter 6 beginning but what a wife she must have been to not only have obeyed and submitted to her husband because he loved her. But do you remember she was willing to get on that ark even though the whole world was laughing at her husband she was willing to get on that ark with her husband. Do you remember that she was also there with her sons, no doubt whom she loved and had helped raise. Oh, the beauty of a Christian wife and the need that ladies and women today as Christians need to have first and foremost before God to not only know His will but to make sure that they fulfill that role and respond to what it is that their husbands do before God that is right and precious. But even when you ladies who have husbands who are not right with God let me challenge you to still be those who represent Christ and who still do those things that prove a Godly wife is one who always lives as God designs, that she might have the blessings of God today as well as His blessings forevermore.

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May Christian women understand how important it is that they fulfill their required role by God in the marriage. Because a truly healthy home before God is functioning in all ways as God requires!

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