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In Titus 3:7, the inspired Paul told this young evangelist to know that we have been, "justified by God's grace...," and therefore we have "become heirs according to the hope of eternal life." How wondrous it is to come before God this day with the knowledge of such blessings and promises.

Let me welcome you to our program on this glorious Lord's day. It is always a privilege to have you with us to hear the Living Word of God and we are excited that you have chosen to give this time of sacrifice to our Creator. Won't you take advantage of every opportunity this morning to give your own reverence to the Lord, as we together offer this time of worship to Him. May all things be done, to God, for God and unto His glory. Let's begin our offering to God with a prayer!


As we continue to Worship before the throne of God, let's sing a song of praise that reminds us of just how loving and wonderful our God is. WHY? He has redeemed us all as obedient servants of the cross! So, won't you join in with the congregation at this time as we sing together, "Angels Are Singing."

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We have considered thus far this morning that as Christians we are heirs of God, because we have been justified by His grace, thus we have eternal life. So how is it that we make sure we continue in the right path? How do we know that all we do and say is pleasing in the sight of God? Well, in 2 Thessalonians 3:5, this church is encouraged to understand that which truly should guide them all in their everyday life. Read with me that passage, there it says, "Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ." So who give us direction, who guides our ways - obviously God!

However, notice with me how it is that God knows we are doing this and that we are making the right choices. Back in verses 3-4 of the same text we read, "But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one. And we have confidence in the Lord concerning you, both that you do and will do the things we command you." Again, we learn here that God can be counted on to establish and guard us, but what's our part? Here he confirms that we must do and continue to do the things which we are commanded to do by God!

Thus our consideration of the morning must be just what are we doing for God? Are you doing and are you committed to doing all those things which are commanded according to His Will! Well the reality is, if we want Him to love us, guide us and guard us, we have no choice but to obey. So, just how much do you love your Savior?

As far as our main study of the day, we will be continuing our study entitled, "Great Lessons From The Sermon On The Mount. Our specific lesson of the morning will deal with this true Biblical statement, "Don't Be Worriers." So please stay with us this morning and after our next song together, I will be leading us in our main thoughts of the day. But for now let's join together in our second song of the morning. The name of this hymn, "Softly And Tenderly."

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Speaker: Ray Sullins

One of the great blessings of being Christians is that God wants us to be a happy people. But how often in this life do we allow things to steal our happiness or to snatch it away and keep us from really being the joyful people that God wants? In our text today in Matthew chapter 6 you might notice there as it begins in verse 25 that the Bible says, "Therefore, I say to you, Do not worry about your life." Today, our topic is "Worry" and certainly all of us are guilty of allowing that problem or this issue or characteristic of "worry" to steal away our happiness and to keep us at times feeling maybe nervous or uneasy about a situation.

There was one writer who said that, "If you had ever met worry, you would learn that worry is something that never climbed a hill or that never paid a bill, even never calmed a fear, never helped in any way, never cooked a meal," on and on and on he continues to indicate the fact that worry keeps us from being what we can be, from being our best and really being productive at all, even if it's not our best. Worry often keeps us from doing what we can even in a minimal way. Now if we look really at the Bible, the Bible tells us quite the opposite. The Bible wants us to be happy, at least in accordance to what God has said. Who wrote the Bible? God. God through the Holy Spirit led these men to write it and so therefore as the Bible says (that) "we must be and should be happy," certainly God wants us again to be a happy people.

If you think for just a moment though about some things that we worry about in life. What about bills or finances? When was the last time that you worried about money in some way, having money? And then what about when we have money, then we worry about keeping money or when we have plenty of money, we worry about how we're going to spend that money if it is sitting in the bank. So on and on and on we just find that whether it's money or health... When was the last time we worried about health? And we just beat ourselves up worrying and worrying and worrying about something that often we have little control over, that we can't do a lot about. What about our jobs? I've met individuals before that every time I talk to them they are stating that well, I've still got my job today. It's as if they are always worried about losing their job. Well certainly again as we think about worry, we need to understand why we have no reason to worry and certainly in our discussion today, it's going to be summed up in a word and that word again is God.

If we were to look at the original meaning of the word "worry" here that is translated in several different ways in the New Testament such as "anxiety, or to be anxious," we find that worry actually comes from a word and really it's root is entrenched in the concept of strangulation. I find that very interesting as we look at the root and the history of this word because what does worry do to us? It strangles us. It grabs hold because we begin to worry and get frustrated and it begins to make us uneasy and to keep us again from focusing and really doing what we're able and what we're required in a spiritual sense by God. So as we look at our text this day, certainly we'll be able to find out that worry is something in this life that we do, but we should not, and we should not because God has promised He is there. He's promised that He will care for us. He promised for us that He will provide for us and He has promised for us every need that we have especially those needs that are of necessity and even many of the wants will be ours as certainly we can see in all of our lives.

So what is it that He says there in the text beginning verse 25 again Matthew chapter 6? "Therefore again, Jesus says, I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you eat or what you drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?" His introduction here is, "Don't worry about what you're going to eat, what you're going to put on, because life is far more than that." No matter what clothes I wear today or tomorrow, it's not going to change the eternal need that I have to serve God and reach for Heaven as I struggle and strive to achieve that which is seen to the cross of Jesus. So He says here, "Don't worry about those things." In fact, He gives an example in the next verse, verse 26, He says, "Look at the birds of the air for they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather in the barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more than they?" He says to think about it for a moment. Here we are frustrated and frantic, what will I eat? What will I do? What will I wear? Where will I get more clothes? Then He uses the example of God's creation. Even the birds are not frustrated as we are. Event he animals that God created are not, because they know that God will provide, provide through the plant life and the rain and even other animals. God will provide that which there is need of. And then I love the statement made there, the last phrase of verse 26. "Are we not more than they?" Are we as those that God created with dominion, with a soul, as those above the other creations of which really God made as equal in heirs in the kingdom of God with Jesus in so many respects, are we not those who are far greater than an animal that does not have a soul, that when it dies it does not go on to eternal existence or has no hope of that because it is unable to reason. It does not have dominion, but yet was placed here for man. Well, think about these things once again. God is making a point that as Jesus in the flesh who was God is now stating here, Why do you worry? Because the animals are cared for and if God is going to care for them, how much more is He going to care for you as a child of Him, one who loves Him enough and is obedient enough to His Will to do what He has said?

The next thing we find is really a question. What good does it do to worry? Why? The verse there, verse 27 says, "Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?" In other words, let's say that you're worried because I'm a little short. You say, "Well, what can you do about it?" Nothing! You say you worry about maybe you're a little tall. What can you do about it? Not much. Let's say you worry about if you don't have a whole lot of hair. Well, you might get into some realms where you can do a little bit, but from a natural standpoint, you can't make your hair literally grow. You can't change those things. Let's say that maybe you don't like your facial features. Well, maybe you can get plastic surgery, but again, what can you really do as God created you that would somehow be equal to show that worry is going to make a difference? You see, God is trying to show us that He is in control. He is in power. Why do we worry when we don't have control over those things but yet think of it from the standpoint that God has loved us enough to care for us in these situations and He is going to care. He is going to provide and He is going to protect.

So the next thing that He does in the text is that He goes on in verse 28 with another example. He says, "So why do you worry about clothing again? Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow. They neither toil nor spin, and yet I say to you that even Solomon and all of his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Again, not only does God care for the animals, but it says He cares for the birds, as we've spoken of, and it also states now that He cares for the grass, even those things of nature that aren't even maybe as we would say alive, although they have life, but they are not alive with blood flowing and so on and so forth, but yet God cares for them. He gives rain and sun to nurture the grass and the plants and the trees and they grow and they again benefit God's creation. Well again, what do we have control over these things? We can destroy them, but it's hard to put them back isn't it? You see, we're not in control, but what it's stating here is that God will care as He cared for Solomon. He states here that even Solomon was not as great as any of these because God loves all of His creation equally and provides for it.

And then He makes the comparison that He will provide in verse 30. "Now if God," it says, "so clothed the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow is thrown in the oven, will He not much more clothe you, oh you of little faith?" A question that He asks not only here but of His disciples often, "Oh you of little faith." Why? Because in the fact that we worry and say, "What will I wear? What will I have to wear? What will I eat? What will I do for a job? What will I do here...?" And we don't trust in God then we have allowed our worry to show our lack of faith. God says here that it's a little faith, a little faith that really is not worthy before Him.

And so therefore in verse 31, "Do not worry saying what you will eat or what you will drink."

And then He says in verse 32 why. "Because that's what the gentiles do." That's what those who are outside of Christ do. Those who do not have God have a reason to worry because their life, as we have just studied last week, is based in the physical. We have not reason to worry because our life is based in God, the spiritual, and it's thus eternal and we have every reason to know that God is going to provide our every need.

Then probably one of the most familiar verses in scripture, Matthew 6, verse 33. "So if we will not worry but rather seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness, those things good and holy..." what does the verse say? It says, "All these things will be added to you." Everything. Everything that we have need of especially the necessities of life will be provided by our God because He loves us and we are His children, but yet we cannot be worriers and show a lack of faith because when we show a lack of faith, we show we distrust God and when we distrust God, certainly He cannot be pleased.

The last verse of our text there in verse 34 reminds us of a final reason as to why we have no reason to worry. It says, "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things sufficient for the day as its own trouble." Brethren, if we begin a life of worry and a day of worry, then our life will be full of it day after day after day after day. If we worry and worry and worry, we will destroy ourselves. Tomorrow will bring plenty of troubles without us worrying and driving ourselves crazy over the troubles today and tomorrow. But why not do what God said? Why not put Him first, lift Him up in righteousness and glory and exalt Him and obey and follow Him and say, "God, I believe. I have the faith, and just as You have said that You will provide for all of your creation that is living and even those things that we have seen, the grass of the field and the lilies and all the beauties, just as You provide for them, You will provide for me." Why? "Because I am much more worthy as a child, as a faithful, righteous one who is seeking You first." And then what is our reward? The kingdom of God.

So let's not worry then about things that we cannot control. Let's not worry about things that certainly we often have no ability to change. If we can change, let's work towards those goals, but not allowing them to bring us down and tear us down through worry and desperation. But rather, let's always turn to God. Let's always turn to His Word and read about the confidence that we have not only of eternal life, but the confidence that we have today of blessings, and not just today, but tomorrow and every day thereafter because as we are the faithful of God, He has said that when we seek Him first and His righteousness, He will give us all that we need.

Will you be willing to serve your God? Will you be willing to put Him first and will you cease to worry in this life, because God is powerful?

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Let me thank you again for choosing to be with us today, in this offering to God. I hope our time together has been an encouragement and blessing to all of us. We invite you back every Sunday morning at 7:30, as we commit ourselves to this worship to God!

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May we all put more confidence in God and thus worry less in this life, for God has promised to guide, guard and direct us. Yes our loving Savior has pledged to be with us every step of the way!

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